Digital Branding

Digital Branding

DTP is one stop shop for all your needs of Digital Branding. DTP offers the best of Digital Branding across all the major platforms like Facebook, Google SEO, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.
  • Facebook / Instagram Branding
  • SEO
  • Google Adverts
  • Twitter Trending
  • YouTube Channel Management
  • Google Adverts and SEO
  • Meta Business Management

Branding Platforms

What is the impact of Branding in Pakistan

Meta Business

Facebook is mostly used for entertainment purpose. It’s a good Branding Platform but generating sales can be a hard task



Now a days twitter is become more political, Twitter can be useful to brand or create awareness.



The best platform for Branding and sales. Most of the good buyer uses google to search for brands.



Most of the YouTube users skips the advertisements or do not take interest. A catchy advert can make the brand prominent.

We provide digital marketing services in following digital media platforms.

Twitter is the most influential social media platform with the specific feature of trending. Our services include trending besides other promotions. 

Twitter Trends:

It includes Pakistan’s panel with team of 220 bloggers & users and more than 10K tweets, trend will stay for 2 hours. Fee for this trend is 150k to 200k (PKR)


Daily 100 retweets for one month with original twitter accounts. Fee 50k to 70k (PKR)

Promotional video of minimum 45 seconds by the influencer having

  1. 10K+ followers will cost 7,000
  2. 20-30K+ followers will cost 10,000
  3. 40-60+ followers will cost 15,000
  4. 60-100K+ followers will cost 20,000.

Promotional video of minimum 45 seconds by the tiktoker having

  1. 1M followers will cost 100k
  2. 2-5M followers will cost 200k
  3. 5-10M followers will cost 320k
  4. 10-15M followers will range from 500K+ depends on market

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